Access Children's Fund TV Bingo

The Access Communications Children's Fund TV Bingo allows viewers to tune in, play, and call to report a winning card. Access TV Bingo is the major fundraising initiative for the Access Communications Children's Fund and with a prize board of $5,000 - $10,000 each week it's definitely worth watching — and playing!

Catch Access TV Bingo weekly from the Access7 studios in Regina, each Saturday afternoon at 5 PM.

Get Your Card

For more information, call 1-877-889-8860 or email

License Number MB15-0009

Here's How it Works

There are 13 games each night: 4 games at $200, 4 games at $300, 4 games at $500 and 1 game with a $1,000 prize. A total of over $5,000 - $10,000 will be won each week in our prize board. The numbers will be called 10 seconds apart and there will be a flashboard present onscreen throughout each game.

The information on each TV Bingo card is stored by computer including the serial number, game pattern and page color. Viewers will be notified when it is determined there is a possible bingo. The Bingo Caller will wait up to 60 seconds for the potential winner to phone in before the next number is called.

The Program

Game One (Blue Card)
a) Any Two Lines - $200
b) Sputnik - $300
c) Full Card - $500

Game Two (Orange Card)
a) Any Two Lines - $200
b) Any Three Corner Postage Stamps - $300
c) Full Card - $500

Game Three (Green Card)
a) Any Two Lines - $200
b) Roving Letter C - $300
c) Full Card - $500

Jackpot Game (Yellow Card)
a) Any Two Lines - $200
b) Top or Bottom Three Lines - $300
Full Card in Required Numbers - JACKPOT!
c) 1st Full Card Consolation - $1,000
d) 2nd Full Card Consolation - $500

If the jackpot is won, 1st full card consolation of $1,000 will NOT be played for, the 2nd full card consolation of $500 will be played for. Minimum win is $40.

Access Communications Children's Fund TV Bingo Winners Line 565-5381, or toll free 1-877-889-8860

Problem Gambling Help Line - 1-800-306-6789


AccessTV Bingo is the major fundraising initiative for the Access Communications Children’s Fund and with a prize board of $5,000 to $10,000 each week it’s definitely worth watching — and playing — just ask the 20 players each week (on average) who win!

We’re Offering Your Charitable Organization A Great Way To Get In On The Fun.

By selling Access TV Bingo cards your group can earn real money. Your group will retain 33% of the total revenue you generate.

  • Getting Started is Easy!

    Just submit an application to the TV Bingo Fundraising Committee. Once you’re approved, we’ll award your group a bingo date, give you a few plugs on the air, and send you a cheque at the end of the day.

  • How it Works

    The Access Communications Children’s Fund TV Bingo Fundraising Program is designed to raise funds for registered or non-profit organizations (18 years and under) in communities served by Access Communications Co-operative.

    • Organizations that are interested must first apply for funding (See Application Form and Eligibility Requirements).
    • The participating organization will be awarded a bingo event date and receive Bingo cards to sell as part of its fundraising efforts
      • Cost of TV Bingo Cards is $12 for a 6 up, 4 page book (13 games in total). Cards are not subject to GST or PST
      • Organizations will earn $4 for every pack sold
    • Organizations will have one month to sell cards prior to their event date
    • Access TV Bingo is played every Saturday at 5:00 - 6:30 pm on Access7
    • While we hope to process applications in a timely manner, please allow up to two months for approval


  • Rules for the Sale of Bingo Cards

    Rules For The Sale Of Bingo Cards:

    • The cost of each bingo card is $10.00
    • Must be at least 16 years old to purchase bingo cards or to claim an Access7 TV Bingo prize
    • Bingo cards must be sold for CASH ONLY
    • Absolutely NO refunds or returns allowed
    • Bingo cards may NOT be sold outside of Saskatchewan
    • Require Access Communications’ TV service to view the Access Communications Children’s Fund TV Bingo on its Community Channel 7 which airs Saturday at 5:00 pm
    • All proceeds from the sale of bingo cards must be submitted back to Access Communications Children’s Fund by cheque from the organization
    • Please make cheque payable to “Access Communications Children’s Fund”
    • Access Communications Children's Fund will issue a cheque to the organization for 40% of gross sales upon receipt of all proceeds from the sale of bingo cards

    For more information contact:
    Trevor Schulz
    TV Bingo Manager
    (306) 501-7307

  • Eligibility Requirements

    • The organization’s objective and purposes are exclusively charitable.
    • Organizations may not generate a profit. If an organization charges fees for programs or services, fees must be charged on a cost-recovery basis.
    • The organization must be able to prove that it has actively delivered charitable programs for the previous six months.
    • The structure of the organization must include:
      • Broad-based volunteer membership
      • Volunteer directors or officers
      • Executive members democratically chosen from its volunteer base
      • Programs that benefit a large segment of the community – not members’ self-interests
    • If the organization should dissolve, net proceeds remaining must be disbursed to other eligible charitable organizations.

    Sports Organizations

    Sports organizations at the community or regional level that promote a charitable objective through the delivery of a structured, developmental and competitive amateur athletic program or outdoor sports program for youth or the disabled, either on an individual or team basis, may be eligible for gaming licensing.


    • A structured, developmental and competitive amateur sports program is a program that contains the following characteristics:
      • The program is delivered by a group which operates with the approval and support of a governing body;
      • There is a published set of rules and regulations established by the sport’s governing body;
      • There is an official schedule that shows the dates of sanctioned games or events for a specific season or year;
      • The program utilizes accredited coaches recognized by the sport’s governing body;
      • The games or competitions are refereed or judged by officials approved by the sport’s governing body;
      • There are different age classifications or classifications of skill level for the players or competitors;
      • The players or competitors have the opportunity to be promoted to a higher classifications category according to their age or skill level; and
      • The players or competitors are not paid, directly or indirectly, for their participation.

    Youth Organizations

    Organizations that provide youth development programs and services in the community, such as the teaching of leadership, citizenship and community development skills, may be eligible for licensing.


    • The programs or services offered by the organization must be reasonably available to all youth in the community who qualify and wish to participate.
    • Sponsoring committees or support groups may be licensed on behalf of youth organizations involving minors, as long as the sponsoring group is adequately constituted and has the written approval of the governing body of the youth organization.
    • The organization must have at least two members 18 years or older who are prepared to sign the application and financial report documents and to assume responsibility for the proper conduct of the gaming event.
      • In the absence of at least two such members, the organization will not be eligible for licensing.
  • Application Criteria

    The Access Communications Children’s Fund TV Bingo Fundraising Program is open to organizations in communities served by Access Communications Co-operative that meet at least one of the following four focus areas:

    1. Health & Well Being of Children and Youth with a focus on programs which address:

    • The mental and physical well-being of children in need
    • Children with “diverse” abilities

    2. Education and Literacy

    • Initiatives that help improve educational performance

    3. Poverty

    • Initiatives that create pathways out of poverty and provide for the relief of poverty and suffering of children and youth

    4. Crime Prevention

    • Initiatives that discourage youth crime

    The following organizations may be eligible for the programming
    (See Eligibility Requirements for additional information):

    • Charitable and/or religious organizations
    • Sports organizations
    • Youth organizations

    The following organizations are NOT eligible for the programming:

    • Individuals or initiatives for youth over the age of 18
    • Organizations offering services that are exclusive in nature
    • Political organizations
    • Provincial chapters of national charities
    • “For-profit” children’s organizations such as private daycares
    • Organizations that have not been in existence for a minimum of 6 months

    For further information on the Access Communications Children’s Fund or TV Bingo please contact us at:
    Access Communications Children’s Fund
    2250 Park St. Regina SK S4N 7K7
    Phone: 306.565.6642 Toll Free 866.211.6334 ext. 6642
    Fax: 306.565.5395

  • Application Form

    Thank you for applying to the Access TV Bingo Fundraising Program. In order to be considered for the program, we require you to provide the following information. Please answer each question fully but briefly.

    Download Application Form

    Online Application Form

Funding Criteria

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