Smart Secure Frequently Asked Questions

  • I live in a nice area with great neighbours and I have dog so I'm not concerned about getting broken into – why do I need a security system?

    Security systems are used for so much more than just burglary. AccessSecure will monitor water levels in your basement or sump pump, the temperature of your home (great for snowbirds!), dangerous carbon monoxide levels, smoke and fire. Isn't it nice to know that someone is always watching out for you, your family and your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

  • Can I get a discount on my homeowner's insurance by installing a monitored security system?

    Yes. Your AccessSecure home security system may save you up to 20 percent on your homeowner's insurance. Ask your insurance agent for more details.

  • What happens when my alarm goes off?

    In the event your alarm is tripped, the control unit/panel will automatically notify the monitoring centre by sending an alarm signal from your home. The most common way to transmit this signal is through the phone lines in your house. Driven by sophisticated technology, our monitoring centre software automatically displays pertinent details of the alarm and the homeowners' profile. The receiving operator begins response procedures where police, or other appropriate authorities, such as a guard service will respond to the call. Of course, if a fire or carbon monoxide alarm is received the fire department and residence will be contacted immediately.


  • What if my phone line is compromised?

    Most alarm systems use traditional telephone lines (or landlines) to transmit signals to monitoring centres. AccessSecure recommends having a wireless backup connection installed with your alarm system. If your telephone line is compromised, the signal from your alarm can be carried by either a radio or cellular signal to the AccessSecure monitoring centre.

  • If there is a problem with my alarm system, can you turn it off from the AccessSecure monitoring centre?

    No. Your security system is an independent unit and can only be turned off from your keypad or control panel.

  • Do I sign a contract for monitoring or purchase of equipment?

    No. Monitoring will continue on a month-to-month basis.

  • How do I pay for my monitoring?

    It is applied to your customer account. You can pay this by credit card or chequing account in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly installments. You can also mail in your payment, or drop it off at your nearest Access office.

  • Who will install my security system?

    AccessSecure fully trained and professional installers. 

  • How quickly can I have my system installed? How long does it take to install?

    We can schedule the installation of your home security system within 10 days (not business days, just 10 days), subject to availability. A standard installation takes 5-6 hours. Some homes and larger security systems may take a few additional hours.  A takeover takes approximately 1-2 hours.

  • If my power goes out, will my alarm system still work?

    Yes. Your alarm control panel is equipped with a back-up battery that will maintain your security system for several hours. The panel also supervises the battery so in the event your battery is extremely low, a signal will be sent to the monitoring centre so that we may contact you to inform you that the system will soon need a new battery.

  • How often should I change my battery and where should I get one?

    AccessSecure carries the batteries required for the alarm systems we service. There will be a fee for the battery, but there is no service fee to install. Batteries will typically last between 3 to 5 years depending on its usage. Call us to set up an appointment or have one of our service technicians install your battery at your annual peace-of-mind visit.

    If you choose to decline this visit, you can visit one of our offices and purchase a battery. AccessSecure recommends replacing your battery every 3 years.

  • Am I responsible for testing my security system? How often should I do it?

    Yes. It is important to test your system on a regular basis, our recommendation is once a month or at the minimum once every three months. Call the monitoring station with your System ID number and password before running your test and afterwards to confirm your test was a success. We can also test your system at your annual peace-of-mind visit. Instructions on testing your system are found in your complete user guide or call the AccessSecure Customer Care Department for assistance at 1-866-363-2225.

  • What is a PIN Code?

    A PIN Code is the secret numeric code used to gain access to various features and functions of the security system. Users must enter the PIN code when arming and disarming the system, and when performing other system functions. Each user should have a unique PIN code and PIN codes should never be given out to anyone. All codes can be used interchangeably when performing system functions — for instance, a system armed with one user's code can be disarmed by another user's code.

  • What is the difference between a Password and a PIN code?

    When the monitoring centre receives an alarm signal from a residence, they will confirm the alarm and verify the password with the individual. The password works like a unique identifier or verbal key for the security system. The password is verbal, where the PIN code is a physical code. The PIN code is used to arm and disarm a security system via the keypad, while the password is only used to identify a user of the security system after an alarm signal has been sent to the monitoring centre. The password is also used to confirm the identity of a caller if changes to the security system are being requested.

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