Experience the best of smart home technology with an powered system.  Using the most reliable and secure communications and advanced taper-resistance technology, you can rest assured knowing your home is always working to keep you protected.  Unlike traditional systems that only alert you in an alarm event, with an powered system you know what’s happening at your property around the clock.

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Combo Price
$29.95 Mo.
Regular Price
$39.95 Mo.
Hardware not included

AccessSmartHome includes:

  • Wireless connectivity to central station with 24/7 activity monitoring
  • Support for mobile, tablet, desktop & wearables
  • Arm/disarm remotely, view event history, change user codes/permissions and control multiple systems from one portal
  • Receive real-time and mobile applications (includes geo services that trigger alarm events)
  • Monitor all non-alarm activity reported by sensors and hardware; Image sensor support
  • Power outage notification and severe weather alerts

SmartHome + Hardware Packs

Combo Price
$44.95 Mo.
Reg. Price
$54.95 Mo.
Combo Price
$54.95 Mo.
Reg. Price
$64.95 Mo.
Combo Price
$64.95 Mo.
Reg. Price
$74.95 Mo.
Combo Price
$74.95 Mo.
Reg. Price
$84.95 Mo.
IQ Panel 7" Touchscreen
3 Pack Window/Door Sensor
Motion Sensor
Smoke Detector
Hardware Purchase Credits -11 credits22 credits33 credits
Build your package todayBuild your package todayBuild your package todayBuild your package today
Combo Price
$44.95 Mo.
Reg. Price
$54.95 Mo.
Includes 0 credits
Combo Price
$54.95 Mo.
Reg. Price
$64.95 Mo.
Includes 11 credits
Combo Price
$64.95 Mo.
Reg. Price
$74.95 Mo.
Includes 22 credits
Combo Price
$74.95 Mo.
Reg. Price
$84.95 Mo.
Includes 33 credits
Included Equipment
  • IQ Panel 7" Touchscreen
  • 3 Pack Window/Door Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Smoke Detector

Combo prices when combined with another regular priced Access service. Hardware purchase is required for AccessSmartHome. Customer may choose to buy the Starter Pack for $675 or enter one of the rent-to-own Hardware Packs. †All Hardware Packs are fixed on a 48 month term. At the end of the 48 months, the price goes to $29.95 combo or $39.95 stand alone monitoring fees automatically and the customer owns the equipment. If customer cancels the contract prior to 48 months, the customer is responsible for paying the remainder of months left in the contract.

Smarter Home Security

Keep your loved ones protected with professionally monitored home security and always be connected to what’s happening at home.

Dedicated Connection

Dedicated and secure cellular communication provides safe, reliable uninterrupted protection.

Patented Crash & Smash Protection

Your system will continue to work even if the security panel is damaged or the phone line is cut.

Always on Awareness

Instant Alerts: Get real-time notifications by text or email the moment something happens in your home.

Personalized User Codes: Create unique user codes to know who’s coming and going at all times.

Professional Grade

As a best in class Authorized dealer, we deliver the ultimate in home security. We make it easy with:

  • Expert Security Services – Installed and supported by our team of certified security professionals
  • 24/7 Emergency Response – A licensed central station ensures professional response in case of emergency
  • Proven Solutions – Created for security, used by millions, more than a decade of experience

Always Aware

Knowing what’s going on at home is the next best thing to being there.

  • Instant Alerts – Get an alert via text, push notification, email or phone call
  • Monitoring When Disarmed – Get notified of what’s going on at all times
  • Personalized User Codes – Know who is coming and going
  • Powerful Mobile App – Always have your home in your hands

Connected Security

By combining secure communication and innovative technology, your system is engineered to withstand vulnerabilities.

  • Dedicated Cellular Connection – Reliable, secure communications
  • Tamper Resistant – Works if the phone line is cut, the Internet is down, power is out, or the panel is damaged
  • Visual Verifcation – The next generation Image Sensor lets you see what caused the motion


Home Automation

Upgrade your smart home with easy control and intelligent automation through a single app.

Fully Connected

Your system assembles the information from all of your connected devices — such as lights, locks, thermostats and sensors — and enables them to work together seamlessly.

Location-Based Geo-Services

Geo-Services gives you added automation that responds based on your location. Have your thermostat automatically adjust when you leave for work or get a reminder if you forget to arm the security system.

Easily Accessible

Control and manage your home no matter where you are with an array of apps from varying devices. Not just for your smartphones or tablets anymore, you can also use Apple TV, Apple Watch, Amazon FireTV and Amazon Echo to stay in the know.

Video Monitoring

Live Streaming Video

Watch live feeds from your property right on your phone, tablet or computer.

Instant Video Alerts

Get video clips sent directly to you when the front door opens, the alarm goes off, or if motion is detected.

Never Miss a Thing

Easily searchable event history makes it quick to find the clips you want to watch later.

Continuous Recording

Enjoy 24/7 HD recording with cloud-based streaming and video clip access from anywhere.

Front Door Awareness

Never wonder who is at the door with the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. Simply check your smartphone to see who’s there even when you’re not.

For video monitoring, we recommend HyperSpeed 25 or higher.

Energy Management

Climate & Ambiance Control

Control your thermostats and lights no matter where you are. With customizable, flexible schedules you always come home to a comfortable environment.

Intelligent Lighting

Remotely turn your lights on or off, have them come on automatically when you walk in the door, or set a schedule to make it look like someone is home when you’re on vacation.

A Smarter Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat is designed specifically for your smart home. It uses information from other smart devices to automatically save without sacrificing comfort.

Measurable Results

Get real insight into your energy use and see where you’re consuming the most. Use measurable data to make changes that have real impact.

Image Sensor

The wireless Image Sensor is an advanced motion sensor with an on-board camera that takes a picture when motion is detected and sends it to you.

Visual Verification

Whether it’s day or night, you can see what’s going on immediately.

  • High quality images
  • Easy installation
  • Pet immune motion detector
  • On-demand views
  • Customized notifications

Get at-a-glance visibility into what’s happening at home, no matter where you are. Smart Thermostat

The intelligently integrated Smart Thermostat allows you to take control of your energy use and automate temperature settings with a sleek, sophisticated design.

Precision Comfort

Using sensors from across the home, it’s now possible to optimize for the right temperature in any room, not just where the thermostat happens to be.

Responsive Saving

Leveraging data from inside and outside the home, the Alarm. com Smart Thermostat automatically responds to activity, occupancy, and weather patterns.

Complete Control

Adjust or change your thermostat settings anytime from anywhere, and instantly know if someone else makes a change.

Access Communications does not provide installation of the Smart Thermostat.  We recommend contacting a licensed HVAC company to complete the install of this equipment. 


Live Video Monitoring

Add Live Video Monitoring to any AccessSmartHome package and watch live feeds from your property right on your phone, tablet or computer in crisp, HD quality for only $8.95/mth!

$8.95/month for the first 4 cameras. Additional $8.95/month for more than 4 cameras, up to a max of 8.


Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home.


Seamlessly integrate door locks with your system to get real-time visibility and control.

  • Lock the door automatically when your system is armed
  • Get a text alert when the door is unlocked
  • Assign unique user codes for temporary access

Garage Doors

Never wonder whether you closed the garage door again since you can now control it from anywhere.

  • Check to see if your garage door is closed no matter where you are
  • Close the garage door automatically when your system is armed
  • Receive an alert if you leave the door open
  • Open or close the garage door remotely through the app


The Wellness solution allows you to help aging loved ones live independently with enhanced safety, security, and comfort. Keep an eye on routine activity to make sure your loved one is getting up and about and receive alerts on unusual activity. More than an emergency button, Wellness is a complete 24/7 safety net.

Activity Patterns & Alerts

Understand your family member’s activity pattern and get an alert if anything is out of the ordinary.


Remotely check on temperature, lights, and locks through the mobile app.

Security & Automation

Simplify daily routines with automated temperature, light and security settings.

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